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Relativity6’s Service Center in a Box helps your team cross-sell the right product at the right time.

Relativity6 Benefits

Relativity6’s Service Center in a Box solution will streamline renewals and upsell processes for your small commercial accounts. The system will prioritize small commercial accounts up for renewal and send automated emails with intelligent upsell offers. This tool was built to help your account executives and producers have better client interactions and close more account rounding opportunities.

To help you see what the Service Center in a Box can do for you, Relativity6 is offering PIIAC members a FREE trial for THREE MONTHS. After the three months, your subscription will be $50/month, or you can cancel at any time.

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Easy cross sell opportunities

Reasons to reach out for better client engagement.

Give producers and account executives the tools they need to generate      more revenue

Automated Account Rounding and Renewals


  • Smarter Account Rounding Opportunities
  • Relevant Insights based on inferred industry codes
  • Automated Renewals and Upsells
  • Quickly Prioritize Small Commercial Accounts up for Renewal
  • Send Automated Emails with Intelligent Upsell Offers

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