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89% of agency owners do NOT know their Fair Market Value. Are you one of them? PIIAC members receive a FREE 30-minute consultation with Carey Wallace with Agency Focus.

Valuation & Perpetuation Consulting

Agency Focus, LLC with Carey Wallace

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For many agency owners, their agency represents their life’s work, and as a result, it’s most likely their largest single asset. To best protect you, your staff, your clients, and your agency’s future, it’s important to have a thoughtful plan for your agency’s future, and that starts with knowing the value of your agency. When you go through the fair market valuation process you can expect to gain insights that will help you plan for your agency’s future and identify opportunities to grow your agency.

Your agency’s value is much more than a number. When you go through the process of understanding the Fair Market Value of your agency, you’ll get an understanding of:

Fair Market Value

Carey Wallace with Agency Focus will show you the value of your agency as a multiple of EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation and Amortization), not a multiple of revenue. You’ll see why this holistic approach is important and how you can leverage this knowledge to plan for your agency’s future and grow and compete in the changing insurance marketplace.

PIIAC members receive a FREE 30-minute consultation with Carey

to review your agency needs and provide advice and resources focused on business planning, agency operations, and compensation strategy.

Customized consulting is also available, and includes:

Agency Operations

Compensation Strategy

Transition Planning - Clients & Future Owners

Agency Goal & Budgeting

Cashflow & Risk Analysis

Carrier Strategy

Helpful Resources

Have a Plan – Agency Perpetration Planning – 4-hour presentation hosted by Carey, Ashley Gold, J.D., Counsel with Wood Stabell Law Group and Mike Strakhov, Senior VP/Head of Insurance Lending at Live Oak Bank. Email PIIAC to receive a link to the video recording.

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Carey Wallace
Owner & Consultant, Agency Focus, LLC

Carey has worked in the insurance industry for the last 12 years and with entrepreneurial small businesses throughout her entire career. During that time, Carey has developed key business consulting services to ensure that agencies have the information and support needed to plan for their agency and successfully perpetuate to the next generation. She has worked with over 150 agencies to help them understand their agency’s value and plan for their future. Carey is a nationally recognized speaker on both the impact of leveraging data in your agency & valuation and perpetuation planning. She has presented on these topics in over 20 states, several national conferences, carrier events, been interviewed on various industry podcasts and has published several articles on these subjects. Carey possesses extensive experience, knowledge, and passion in assisting independent insurance agents in making the best decisions based on data and insights specific to their agency.

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