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2022 Agency Growth Study

Hiring the Next Generation of Independent Insurance Agents. The pandemic has driven major shifts in the way employees experience their workplaces and what they expect from their employers. At the same, Gen Z’s presence in the workforce continues to grow.


Professional Circumstance

Professional liability policies for insurance professionals are typically written on either a claims-made or a claims-made and reported basis. These policies provide coverage for long-tail lines of insurance because a negligent act or omission may take place today, but harm arising from that act or omission may not be discovered or a claim made against the insured for a considerable period of time thereafter. 


Professional Longevity

The professional liability marketplace is ever-changing—carriers entering and exiting the marketplace, changing rates, and fluctuating underwriting positions. Typically, the longer a carrier has been in the professional liability marketplace, the more stable it is when it comes to making changes. 


Falling Short

Financial ratings give insight into a carrier’s ability to pay claims, which, along with the potential of financial loss, are ultimately the reasons businesses purchase insurance. However, insurance companies can only pay claims if they have the funds to do so. It is not uncommon for an insurance carrier to become insolvent, leaving it unable to pay claims.

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