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CareerPlug is a software company on a mission to solve                the #1 challenge of running a business: attracting and hiring              the right people.

CareerPlug Benefits

The Right Way to Make the Right Hires

CareerPlug provides an easy-to-use system that automates many of the tedious, manual steps of the hiring process. The built-in evaluation tools help you confidently identify, evaluate, and hire the right person.

PIIAC members receive a free basic CareerPlug account that comes with a branded careers page, pre-built job templates, and a configured hiring process. For greater success, you can upgrade the free account to a paid Pro subscription at an exclusive partnership rate of $595/year for unlimited job postings to top job boards including Indeed, ZipRecruiter, GoogleJobs, Facebook Jobs, etc., and use of personality assessments.*

*For first location. Additional fees apply for additional locations.

Branded Careers Page

Pre-Built Job Templates

Configured Hiring Process

Exclusive Rate for PIIAC Members

CareerPlug Hiring Software

CareerPlug’s hiring software helps Associations attract more qualified candidates, identify the right candidates with confidence, and improve hiring results. CareerPlug will provide Association members access to a free account that can be used to post jobs, manage applicants, and improve the organizations’ employment brand. Association members can also access a “Pro” version of CareerPlug for a special rate to take hiring to the next level.

Questions about CareerPlug?

Our clients range from national brands to single-location business owners. They rely on our hiring software to make the right hires — and we rely on our clients’ feedback to help us make our software even better.

Where are my jobs posted with a free basic account?

With a free basic account, your job postings will only go to your careers page tied to your CareerPlug account and the association careers page that CareerPlug hosts.

Where are my jobs posted with a Pro account?

With a Pro account, your jobs will automatically be posted to Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Google Jobs, Glassdoor and more

(view full list here).

Does CareerPlug post to Facebook Jobs?

Yes. For visibility on Facebook Jobs, you will need to have a Pro account. You will be able to link your Facebook Business URL to your CareerPlug account to automatically push your job openings to Facebook Jobs (click here to learn more).

How many jobs am I allowed to post?

You do not have a limit on the number of jobs you are allowed to post. We do encourage you to only have job openings posted for positions that you are looking to fill.

    Am I able to sponsor jobs?

    CareerPlug helps facilitate automatic job postings to the organic (free) sections of our job board partners. You may consider to sponsor your jobs as necessary on Indeed through your CareerPlug account to get more applicants and higher placement on the job feeds (click here to learn more).

    How do I upgrade my account to Pro?

    For free basic accounts, there will be an “Upgrade” button at the top right of the account. Clicking this button will take you to your subscription page, where you will be able to upgrade your account to Pro (click here to learn more).

    Am I allowed to have more than one user?

    Yes, you are allowed to have as many users as you need. You are also able to restrict user access as well (click here to learn more).

    Need help getting your account set up?

    Email us at To expedite the process, please include the following details: member’s name, company email, location address, location, phone number, business name.

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