by Bryan Bernier

How much technology does my agency need to be successful? To be competitive as an agency? I get these two questions from our members often. They read or hear about the newest technology and want to know if they should adopt it. When I get this question, I will usually have a discussion with the agency principal and other key team members to discuss what systems they are currently using and how they all fit together. I have always viewed technology in an agency as a puzzle; a puzzle that for some reason seems to be missing a piece or two or maybe 10. 

When evaluating any new technology an agency needs to ask themselves a few questions. 

  1. On-Boarding – Who in the agency will be tasked with on-boarding effectively? One of the reasons why agencies look back and question the effectiveness of a certain tool is because they did not on-board the new program property or effectively. They did not get their team buy-in from day one. Choosing someone to be “the person” who will champion the new program is vital to its proper implementation as well as its long-term capacity.  
  2. Integration – How does the new technology integrate with the current technology? If all your systems cannot talk to one another, are you creating more work for your staff instead of helping them? You may struggle to use all the technology solutions that you have access to if they don’t work well together. 
  3. Goals – What is your goal with this new piece of technology? Is it to help your staff become more efficient and effective? Is it to allow your agency to easily engage to your clients more often? Is it to differentiate yourself from your competition? All of these are valid reasons to have the discussion about bringing on new technology solutions. 

As an organization, we have heard about and seen the number of new tech solutions that are becoming available. In the last few months, we have announced some of these solutions that are offering our members a discount on their products. We are not saying these are a fit for all agencies (see above questions). What we are saying is that the world is changing, and we want our members to have a place to go for some information on Insurtech. As we move down the road you will be hearing from us. We are aware that the road cannot be long as the “tech road” changes very quickly. 

If you want to discuss Insurtech, be it to help or get help, I want to hear from you. Let’s chat!!

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