We have all heard the saying “we are looking for someone age 22-26, with 30 years’ experience.”

Unfortunately, the PIIAC team cannot help you find that person, however, we can offer some assistance.

We talk to agency owners all the time who are looking for qualified individuals who do not know where to start. With that in mind, PIIAC has launched a new member benefit specifically designed to make the process of finding talent more manageable. CareerPlug, a hiring software program, can help you along the hiring process. All PIIAC agency members receive a free basic plan at a discounted rate of $495 annually for the pro subscription.

The first step in hiring someone is knowing what position you need to fill. You must have a job description that details the skills, requirements, and qualifications you are looking for. CareerPlug includes pre-written job post templates that you can use as is or edit to fit your specific need. This is included with both the basic and pro subscriptions.

One of the biggest parts of looking for help is where to post the jobs and taking the time to post the job. The basic subscription will post your jobs on your branded careers page that you can link to your website as well as the general job board on PIIAC’s website. The pro subscription will post your job to other job boards including Indeed, Facebook Jobs, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn and Glassdoor. This will drive more qualified applicants to your agency. This task when handled internally is both daunting and expensive.

We have all posted a job and soon after, our inboxes are inundated with resumes from a handful of different places. CareerPlug provides you with a portal that will manage your applicant workflow. You will be able to see what stage you have them in and can be sure you are responding to everyone who applies. This is included with both the basic and pro subscriptions.

Other features of both the basic and pro subscriptions include configurable applicant pre-screening questions – think “are you licensed,” – structured interview guides and templated emails for every step in the hiring process. The pro subscriptions offers a fast track applicant automation (for those very qualified applicants), configurable personality and aptitude assessments, automatic job translation into Spanish and automated interview scheduling with calendar integration.

Join us on June 10th at 11:30am to see the program in action. Register here.

To activate your free basic account, visit this page and enter in your email. This must be the primary email associated with the main contact of your PIIAC membership. If you are not sure who this might be, send us an email.

To learn more about CareerPlug click here.

We understand all the challenges around the process of hiring. We are committed to bringing more tools to make your agency more proficient and efficient in all aspects of the HR process. Stay tuned for more tools coming your way.

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