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About Insurance Agency Consulting

Running an independent insurance agency is difficult work. It’s easy to feel overloaded when the job requires you to work in many different lanes – management, HR, accounting, sales and strategic planning. Not to mention, you must perform the day-to-day duties of running a business while also planning to achieve your strategic goals.

PIIAC Consultants can help you with many different aspects of your business. Common objectives include developing a more focused strategy for increased sales and profits, improving business operations and efficiency, and implementing a clearly defined management strategy. 

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How Insurance Agency Consulting Works

Request Business Consulting – Complete the Form

By filling out this simple form, we can get a sense of the challenges you’re looking to fix. After submitting the form a PIIAC consultant will schedule a 30-minute conversation to learn more about your agency, consulting needs, and expectations. This won’t cost you a single nickel.

Recommend Appropriate Services

After the initial conversation, a PIIAC consultant will make recommendations and suggest consulting options. We’ll give you a list of the suggested services and determine the next steps.

Scope of Work

Once you know which consulting package you want, we’ll put together a scope of work. The scope of work details how we’ll work together to create the solutions you need. We’ll give you a list of the services we’ll provide, a timeline, who’s responsible for what, our confidentiality policies, and the cost of the consulting project.


Once you’ve signed the scope of work, the project begins! We’ll start by conducting a thorough discovery. This will likely include producing key documents, conducting surveys, and interviewing key stakeholders in your agency. This step gives us the input and insights we need to craft the solutions you need.

Innovative Insights & Strategic Recommendations

We’ll then deliver a set of strategic recommendations based on our experience and seasoned insights. You’ll have a roadmap for moving beyond the problems holding you back—complete with evidence and specific tactics. Don’t be surprised when we recommend innovative solutions and new technologies.

Make the Change Happen

Once you implement our recommendations, you’ll begin to see how valuable our collaboration has been. Your agency will operate in new and exciting ways, and you’ll be poised to move into your next phase of growth. We’re happy to hold your hand along the way too.


Join us once a month to Talk Shop with PIIAC to gain insightful information on how to best run your insurance agency.

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