Graduate Seminar

James K. Ruble Graduate Seminar

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James K. Ruble Graduate Seminar

Graduate Seminars feature a variety of topic selections along with real-life applications for the material. Use what you learn here to explain to your clients the presence of specified risks and the most effective methods for remedying them.  Graduate Rubles are an update option for dues paying CICs and CRMs in good standing.

Access to the latest marketplace and industry concerns.

Networking opportunities with colleagues, new friends, and industry practitioners.

Practical, market-focused update and CE Credit.

Specialized, challenging topics with real-world applications for dues-paid designees.

Questions about the Graduate Ruble Seminar?

The Graduate Ruble Seminar program helps you in many ways. Learn about why it’s important, the course options, and much more.

Still have questions? Visit The National Alliance’s Graduate Ruble Main Page for additional information.

What course topic options available with the Ruble Seminar?

The Graduate Rubles Seminars have varied educational choices which may include advanced property and casualty topics, marketing, sales, sales management, and life & benefits subjects. The seminars have practical options that examine real-life examples and complex exposure issues.

Are continuing education hours available when attending the Ruble Seminar?

CE credit is available for CO and all bordering states. If you are licensed in a different state and are registering less than 40 days from the program, please contact The National Alliance Continuing Education Department to determine if CE credit is available, 800-633-2165.

Total CE credits for each Ruble vary based on the topics.  CE is filed with the state 60-90 days prior to the program.  CO specific CE will be posted to the registration page of each seminar as soon as it has been filed and approved. 

What is the time commitment?

James K. Ruble Seminars consist of two days (16 hours) of instruction.

Can I take James K Ruble courses online?

Yes, courses are available online. The best way to take CRM classes online is through a National Alliance Subscription Membership. Click here to learn more about the subscription options