Talent Development

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PIIAC’s Talent Development Program

The goal of the PIIAC Talent Development Program is not only to bring new talent into the independent insurance industry helping to fill the needs of our member agencies, but also to fit the right candidate with the right organization. In order to do this, our members have access to PAIRIN, which is a survey that measures the soft skills and mindsets of an individual. The survey results will give an indication into the culture that will be a fit for them.

For more information about the program, see the FAQ section on this page, or email Bryan Bernier

Kick start your career

Obtain a property & casualty insurance license

Assistance with job placement

*Exclusive pricing available for PIIAC members. See below for details.

Questions about the program?

PIIAC has partnered with many non-profits to identify talent to fill the growing need for candidates in the insurance industry. If you are an individual looking to join the insurance industry or a non-profit who might have viable candidates, this is the program/partnership for you.

How does the program work and what are the steps?

Individuals looking to join the program

  1. Email Bryan Bernier and work with him to get into the program
  2. Attend P&C Pre-licensing course
  3. Take the P&C Licensing exam
  4. Apply for a P&C license
  5. Take the Pairin Survey

Workforce organizations looking to partner with the PIIAC Talent Development Program

Email Bryan Bernier for additional information

How does the PAIRIN program work and what is the cost?

PAIRIN uses a survey technique to measure an individual’s coachable attributes. It can also be utilized collectively to measure an organization’s culture, determined by their individual survey data to get a gauge of priorities and personality motivators for the group as a whole so as to match an incoming job candidate with the organization culture as a whole. PAIRIN also includes tools for an administrator to provide ongoing career and personal development and training lessons and exercises for a comprehensive approach to talent development.

PIIAC has partnered with PAIRIN to offer PIIAC agency members discounted pricing. Members receive one survey for $49 or $199 for unlimited surveying for a period of two years.

Do you have individuals who are ready to be placed with an agency? If so, how do I see who is available

The program is in its infancy but will soon have candidates available for hire. There will be a directory available to PIIAC members exclusively that will be accessible by logging into the PIIAC website.

Are there different career paths for different people

Recognizing that people come from diverse experiences and backgrounds, the PIIAC Talent Development program tailors the career path to the individual, meeting him or her where he/she is at and taking him/her to where he/she wants to go. Current insurance industry talent can jump right into an available role whereas a career changer or someone entirely new to the industry can increase their readiness by pursuing continuing education courses, industry designations, internships and professional and/or personal development classes.