By Bryan Bernier

Recently, I wrote a blog regarding technology needs for agencies. The questions are endless:

  • How much technology does my agency need? 
  • What tech solutions should we be using? 
  • How do I find the best solutions for my agency?
  • What do other agencies use?
  • Where can I find all this “stuff”?

Agencies are asking themselves and us these questions all the time. They heard about the newest tech solution and wonder if they should adopt it. The first question they must ask themselves is how will this new solution fit into what we already have, or will it replace two or more solutions we are currently using? 

Technology in an agency is a puzzle; it is a puzzle that for some reason seems to be missing one, two or maybe even 10 pieces. When evaluating any new tech solution an agency can get down roads that do not lead anywhere, or let’s be honest, many roads that lead nowhere. They ask themselves why two pieces of technology cannot work together. When it works, technology empowers and enables growth and success. On the flip side, when it does not work it breeds frustration and disappointment. Independent agents already have so much on their plates from helping their clients, fostering carrier relationships, and all the work they do in the community. Keeping up with technology should not be another “to do”.

We are here to help!

PIIAC has the solution. In collaboration with six other Big “I” States, we have created a resource called Catalyit (cat-a-lit). This will be the preeminent place for insurance agencies to go for all the tech information they could ever need. Catalyit will have it all including user reviews, peer discussions, best practices, trainings, one-on-one-consulting and more. You will have the opportunity to see what is trending and what is the next technology you should consider adopting in your agency.  

The soft launch of Catalyit was March 31, 2021. The full product will be available in June. Access to Catalyit will be membership based and is granted through a subscription. Big “I” partner states, this includes PIIAC, will receive a discount. Stay tuned for updates and tips!

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