Have you ever called PIIAC and talked to one of our staff members and they referenced ASC and you had no idea what they were talking about? If so, don’t worry. You’re not the only Independent Insurance Agent in Colorado who would have that reaction. That being said, let’s take some time to learn about ASC and what it can do for you and your agency.

Agents Service Corporation (ASC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Professional Independent Insurance Agents of Colorado (PIIAC). ASC helps PIIAC members grow their agency by providing access to several market access points. When an agency is unable to get a direct appointment with these carriers, ASC is the solution to gaining access. The available markets are Pinnacol Assurance, Safeco Insurance, SECURA Specialty, The Hartford Commercial Lines and Flood, AmTrust, CNA, Evolve MGA, RLI, HCIT and Big ‘I’ Markets.

Let’s look a little closer at these markets.

  • Pinnacol Assurance offers workers’ compensative coverage and is the assigned risk carrier in Colorado. If you are writing commercial insurance in Colorado, you need access to Pinnacol.
  • Safeco Insurance is a great personal lines carrier for your personal lines clients.
  • SECURA Specialty includes coverage for tree trimmers, alarm installation, special events, fitness centers and more.
  • The Hartford Commercial Lines can be a total account solution for your commercial lines clients. Their flood coverage is a great way to round out your client’s existing homeowners and renters policies.
  • AmTrust offers a variety of products but their top hits are restaurants with liquor and delivery services and non-profits.
  • CNA’s specialization is complemented by their ability to write business across a broad spectrum of industries including life sciences healthcare and technology.
  • Evolve MGA offers your clients a dynamic cyber policy and a local, Colorado presence.
  • RLI’s Home-Business policy is designed for small businesses which are operated out of a person’s home, which can be difficult to gain coverage for through a conventional commercial lines approach.
  • RLI’s Personal Umbrella policy is an unsupported policy written in the standard market. The underlying policies do not have to be written by RLI.
  • HCIT provides catastrophe insurance protection, including flood, earthquake and landslide coverage.
  • Big ‘I’ Markets or BIM, offers a variety of markets. Bonds, affluent homeowners and habitational and non-standard homeowners are big hits.

Why should you choose to work through ASC to gain access to these markets?  For one, there are no volume requirements and no access fees. You also own your expiration dates so that in the event you become eligible for a direct appointment, you can take your book with you at no cost. On that same note, we will advocate for you to get a direct appointment when the time is right.

Not only can ASC help you grow your agency, but it can also help you protect your agency by providing comprehensive E&O, cyber and EPLI coverages. ASC has exclusive relationships with Westport/Swiss Re and Utica. Evolve MGA offers PIIAC members a dynamic cyber policy with five, free, pre-breach services that help strengthen, improve and protect your agency. Rounding out coverage for your agency is EPLI coverage from Philadelphia Insurance Companies.

ASC’s goal is to help Independent Agencies in Colorado grow and for the Independent Agency Channel to gain more and more market share. We encourage you to look at our website and review what ASC can do for you and your agency.  For more information, email ASC or call us at 303.512.0627. We look forward to working with you!

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