Associate in Insurance

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Associate in Insurance (AINS)

Grow your career and speak like an insurance pro in no time with The Institutes Designations Associate in Insurance (AINS®).

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Insurance basics to help you build the foundation you need to understand how risk is assessed and claims are processed

How to collaborate with colleagues across departments by understanding how different areas of the business influence each other

Best practices for serving customers by understanding how isurer functions work together to create and deliver products

A broad overview of risk and insurance by learning the different types of insurers and risk management practices

How to easily adapt and serve your customers as your organization grows and insurance needs change

Questions about AINS?

The Associate in Insurance program helps you in many ways. Learn about how to obtain your AINS, why its important, how to maintain your designation and much more. You can also visit The Institutes website or call The Institutes at 800-295-9010 for additional information.

How do I obtain the AINS designation?
How do I maintain the AINS designation?
What course topic options are available with the AINS designation?
Are continuing education hours available when taking the courses to obtain the AINS designation?
What does a typical class schedule look like?

All courses are currently online.

Can I get a discount?

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