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Tips for Setting Up a Hybrid Workplace

We’ve talked about the future of the workplace being a new, flexible model—one where employees work both in the office and at home, with part-time, contract, flex-schedule and job-sharing arrangements flourishing. But while 78% of employees say they very much want this hybrid model post-pandemic, according to an internal Forbes survey, only 43% of employers have a long-term plan in place for it.


Technology Happened and It’s Not Going Away

I was flipping through my AARP magazine (shh!), and came across the article “15 Lessons the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Taught Us”. I leafed mindlessly through the pages until I came across Lesson 6: We befriended technology, and there’s no going back”. There are certainly times when “real life” experiences are necessary and enjoyable but there’s also a time and a place for technology.


Be Aware of the Growing Concern of Insurance to Value

Several recent industry articles have noted that many personal and commercial properties are potentially vastly undervalued and underinsure. An article for GenRe, authored by James Kenworthy and Shannon Dowd, reported that upwards of 60% of homes and 70% of commercial buildings are undervalued – primarily because the cost of building materials has risen significantly over the last 6-12 months.The GenRe article and a recent Wall Street Journal article noted the following:

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