Certified Risk Manager

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Certified Risk Manager (CRM)

The Certified Risk Managers (CRM) designation demonstrates that you are knowledgeable in all areas of managing risks, hazards, and exposures.  The courses provide you with an in-depth knowledge about today’s highest priorities – identifying, analyzing, controlling, financing, and administering operational risks – as well as political risks, catastrophic loss exposures, third-party exposures, fiduciary exposures, employee injury exposures, juridical risks, legal risks, and more – whether insurable or not. The skills you learn will make you more proactive and valuable to your organization in discovering how risks can interrupt the flow of earnings and how to protect against it.

An internationally recognized risk management designation.

A comprehensive education in qualitative and quantitative tools.

The ability to identify and manage emerging and evolving risks.

An instructive overview of the 5 steps of risk management—identification of exposures, analysis of risk, risk control techniques, financing of risk, and administration.

Put-it-to-use-now risk management skills and solutions.

Implementation of the universal application of risk management concepts.

Questions about CRM?

The Certified Risk Manager designation program helps you in many ways. Learn about how to obtain your CRM, why its important, how to maintain your designation and much more.

Still have questions? Visit The National Alliance’s CRM Main Page for additional information.

How do I obtain the CRM designation?

To earn your CRM designation, you must take all five CRM courses and pass a comprehensive exam which immediately follows each course. All courses must be completed within a five-year period. 

How do I maintain the CRM designation?

 To maintain your CRM designation, you are required to attend either one of these options annually.

  • James K. Ruble Seminar*
  • PROFocus Series Seminar*
  • MEGA Seminar*
  • Entrepreneurial Insurance Symposium*
  • Dynamics of Selling*
  • Dynamics of Sales Management* 
  • Dynamics of Company/Agency Relationships*
  • Certified Risk Manager (CRM) course
  • Certified Personal Risk Manager (CPRM) course
  • Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) course

*Must pay dues to The National Alliance to attend

What course topic options are available with the CRM designation?
Are continuing education hours available when taking the courses to obtain the CRM designation?

Yes, all the CRM courses are approved for state continuing education in all states. Colorado specific CE hours are listed below. 

  • Principles of Risk Management
    • 16 Hours of General Continuing Education 
  • Analysis of Risk
    • 16 CE Hours for Property & Casualty
  • Control of Risk
    • 16 CE Hours for Property & Casualty
  • Financing of Risk
    • 16 CE Hours for Property & Casualty
  • Practice of Risk Management
    • 16 CE Hours for Property & Casualty/Life & Health

For details on CE for other states, call PIIAC – (303) 512-0627 or The National Alliance – 1 (800) 633-2165.​

What does a typical class schedule look like?

The CRM courses consist of 2 days of instruction followed by an optional exam the third day.  

Day 1:

Registration 7:30am

Class 8am – 5:15pm

Exam Briefing 5:15pm – 5:30pm

Day 2: 

Class 8am – 5pm

Day 3:

Exam 8am – 10:30am

Can I take the CRM online?

Yes, all CRM courses are available online. The best way to take CRM classes online is through a National Alliance Subscription Membership. Click here to learn more about the subscription options.

Are there any policies I need to be aware of?

To see if your class has any electronic device restrictions, click HERE.