Tony Fernandez

 PIIAC Board Director

Tony Fernandez started in the insurance industry in 1995.  Since then, he has been excited to help individuals and families overcome catastrophic events that, without a good insurance policy, would have resulted in a financial setback that would have taken years to recover from.  Since joining the industry, Tony has written health, life, personal lines, and commercial lines.  After learning our profession as a captive carrier, he joined the independent world in 2004, and it has been and continues to be, a phenomenal “ride”.  For Tony, the best part of this journey has been sharing this professional experience with his wife, Lissa, who has been a great motivator and advisor.

On a personal note, Tony spends anytime available outside of family and work enjoying the outdoors.  He loves skiing in the winter, sailing, motorcycle riding, and mountain biking in the summer.  Occasionally, Lissa and Tony love to travel abroad and experiencing other cultures.

Tony believes that we need to leave a better world than the one we inherited.  Rotary has been a great vehicle for him to invest in the immediate community with programs that help the less fortunate. In addition, and for a decade, the Fernandez family has been actively involved in installing water purification systems in the Dominican Republic.  Lately, their focus has been on building and supporting a university in Mozambique because they believe that education is at the heart of change.

Tony has a great desire to see our industry continue to flourish and to learn the new realities of a constantly changing marketplace.

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