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WAHVE – Work At Home Vintage Experts

WAHVE takes the stress out of hiring by finding and matching retiring insurance professionals who want to stay productive, with insurance agencies that need to fill positions. 

Let’s grow, protect and educate together!

How WAHVE Works

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Expertise Without Boundaries

WAHVE removes geographical barriers. WAHVE workers are skilled, trained experts from across the country. Their primary goal is to deliver dependable, efficient results that drive your business objectives.

Unparalleled Talent

WAHVE’s unique qualifying and matching process is unequaled. Our highly trained pretiring professionals go through a thorough and lengthy qualifying process which includes specific knowledge and computer skills assessments so that you get the best level of expertise available.

What to Expect

WAHVE will manage the process from matching you with the right candidate and assisting you with getting your wahve up and running in a few days. WAHVE can also assist in relationship building between you and your wahve as well as the technical transition.

Fill Any Job Need

From customer service to underwriting, there’s a WAHVE for whatever job you need to fill. Staffing services available on a dedicated full- or part-time basis, and for long-term projects include:

  • Live customer service representative
  • Sales and marketing assistant
  • Claims representative
  • Underwriter
  • Hard to place or niche lines of business expert
  • Mentors and trainers
  • Preparation of new and renewal business applications
  • Quoting and proposal preparation
  • Loss run ordering and analysis
  • Policy checking
  • Premium audits
  • Certificates Issuance
  • Change requests/endorsements
  • Indexing of scanned documents
  • Claims support
  • Excess and surplus lines filings
  • Accounting and finance