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Errors & Omissions Insurance to Protect Your Agency

When you know you have the best agency E&O protection, you can focus on growing your most important asset – your business.

Westport/Swiss RE Benefits

As a member of PIIAC, we can offer you quotes for your agency’s E&O through our exclusive relationship with Westport. The Big “I” Professional Liability Program offers not just a policy, but a comprehensive program for insurance agents.  Over the past two decades the Big “I” Professional Liability Program, underwritten by Westport Insurance Corporation, a member of Swiss Re corporate Solutions has grown into the largest and most stable insurance agents E&O program in the nation.  Our member agents and brokers nationwide look to the program for stable rates and a long-term market that they can rely on to protect their greatest assets – their businesses.

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Risk Management Premium Credit

Prevent your agency from common mistakes

Expert claims team

Best in class for agency risk management

Utica Coverage Benefits

As a member of PIIAC, we can offer you quotes for your agency’s E&O through our exclusive relationship with Utica.  Their E&O program has been in existence since 1966 and they are the longest standing E&O provider in the country.

Their customized coverage is tailored to meet the needs of your growing agency or network.  They focus their risk management efforts on E&O claim trends and industry dynamics and offer their insureds a dedicated Risk Management Specialist.  As an insured, you will have direct access to your underwriter, claim specialist, and risk management specialist. They offer flexible payment options with direct bill and electronic fund transfer (EFT) with no interest or fees.  They can also customize payment and billing options to meet the needs of agency networks through either consolidated or individual billing.

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Brokerage Options

As a member of PIIAC, we can offer you quotes for your agencies E&O through brokerage.  There are several markets available. These markets will write standard agents, agents with claims activity, or specialty agents.

How do I access coverage?

Get started by submitting an application for a quote. To pay an E&O invoice, please visit ePayPolicy. To learn more about E&O, visit the E&O Happens website.

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