Use ePay Policy As A PIIAC Member

Do you currently accept credit cards from your clients? In today’s day and age, the ability to do business on-the-go is more important than ever.

ePay Policy Benefits

As a valued member of PIIAC you can have the capability to accept credit cards and do business on-the-go.  ePayPolicy is an invaluable tool for your agency.

Use code PIIACAGENT when signing up to receive a discount.

Personalized web portal for just $20/month

Conduct business any way your client wishes

A secure and PCI Level 1 compliant way to collect payment to streamline your process

Accept both credit cards (3.25% fee) and ACH transactions ($3 fee).  Fees are passed on to the insured.

Need more info?

To learn more and sign up for ePay Policy services, visit their site and use PIIACAGENT code for a discount.

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