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Do you currently accept credit cards from your clients? In today’s day and age, the ability to do business on-the-go is more important than ever.

ePayPolicy Benefits

As a valued member of PIIAC, you can have the capability to accept credit cards and do business on the go. 

ePayPolicy is an invaluable tool for your agency.

Use code PIIACAGENT when signing up.

Personalized web portal for just $25/month

Conduct business any way your client wishes

A secure and PCI Level 1 compliant way to collect payment to streamline your process

Accept both credit cards (3.5% fee) and ACH transactions (1% up to $5 fee).  Fees are passed on to the insured.

Introducing: Finance Connect

As of April, 2023 – Finance Connect – integrated premium financing, with your existing PFC partners, on your payment page.

Integrated Financing: Connected to your PFC partner, with financing options right on your branded payment page.

Save Time, Bind Faster: Bind policies and renewals faster at the point of sale, and delight your customers

Automatic Payments: Auto-generate PFAs, and easily enroll in AutoPay with payment reminders and receipts.

Need more info?

To learn more and sign up for ePay Policy services, visit their site and use PIIACAGENT code when signing up.

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