Is your agency continuing to work remotely? 

There is a good chance that many agency teams will continue to remote work for some portion of 2021.  The good news is that most companies have figured out how to achieve operational performance over the past 12 months.  Many have been able to find efficiencies and growth during this unique period of time. 

Now, it’s time to get back to providing educational and engaging opportunities to agency team members.  Start with a 3-4 month plan.  Make it simple and integrate it with a variety of elements. 

Create a Blended Strategy:

  1. Make it Personal:  Start the conversation.  Schedule a 20-30 minute meeting with each staff member to discuss their interests and where they wish to grow. 
  2. Purposely Mix Training Elements:  Integrate opportunities for live learning elements with subject matter experts based on timely topics and offer immediate online courses.  The online courses are selected based on the personal goals from #1. 
  3. Leverage Your Inside Experts Too:  A regular monthly feature should include in-house agency experts to deliver 30-45 minute small-bite informational sessions.  The sessions could be related to risk management advice, emerging trends, facts that build knowledge, etc.  This will also help inside experts upgrade their presentation capabilities too.
  4. Mix and Match Resources:  Make your investment count and diversity the resources available.  Online courses are a flexible and affordable option to plug-in for new hire training, upskilling, or expanding technical expertise.  Longer-term investments should align with the goals in #1 above and receive ongoing positive support from leadership. Resources range in price.
  5. Run Fun Moments and Contests:  The mission is to create laughter in the workplace – even when it is remote.  Find random reasons and dates for celebrations.  Create a video contest around a company value element, great customer experience, or the cool-factor of insurance!  There might a superstar on your team who can make videos for the agency in the future.
  6. Grant Time for Learning:  It is a surprise that many organizations expect learning to only take place after hours.  Learning happens all of the time – any part of the day – structured and unstructured.  Team members need to know that there is time allotted during their workweek for learning.

An investment in learning always pays the highest returns. 

~Benjamin Franklin

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