By Bryan Bernier, PIIAC CEO

GETTING INVOLVED IN THE INDUSTRY YOU work in can be difficult. The last two or so years have made it even more difficult than ever. A lot of people are now working either remotely or in some type of hybrid environment. The ability to get involved and meet with your industry peers and connect with others is more vital than ever. PIIAC has a handful of ways for you to get involved, even if it is virtually…for now. You can join one of our committees or attend one of our events.

We are often asked “what committee should I join?” The easiest answer is come check them all out. If you are an insurance nerd, you may enjoy the Education and Technical Affairs Committee. This committee discusses the path PIIAC should be following to keep our members up-to-speed on industry trends and how we can help our members meet their professional development goals. Plus, we nerd out on coverage forms and changes. It is a great committee if you really want to be more involved in insurance education.

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Are you interested in the political spin on our industry and how it impacts our members? Well then you should be involved in our Government Affairs Committee. We meet virtually throughout the session at 7:30 a.m. We discuss all the bills that the state legislature is working with. We discuss positions PIIAC should be taking and what is the best approach to protect our member’s interests at the state house. This committee overlaps with the Education and Technical Affairs Committee. Issues from this committee will become part of our education offerings.

Have you ever attended one of our events? Do you wonder why they are so much fun?

It’s because our Events Committee works to plan all our events and to decide themes, layouts and the overall program. We are always trying to create events that people want to attend and this committee leads in that challenge. As we continue to come out of the COVID pandemic, our events will continue to grow, and you should be part of it.

The last committee we have is the Young Insurance Professionals, or YIP, Committee. We are revitalizing this committee, and it is already growing. I know the obvious question is “who is considered a young agent?” The common answer is anyone under 40 or who has worked in the insurance industry for less than five years. However, my definition is different. I see it as anyone who believes that we need to focus more attention on the future leaders of the insurance industry and likes to have some fun. This committee is the epitome of “work hard, play hard.” They will donate their time one month, talk about issues the next month and then have a nice happy hour the following month. The industry is full of people who got their start on the YIP committee, me included.

When you join a committee, you afford yourself the opportunity to network with other insurance professionals, you create friendships, and you continue to build the IA community. If you aren’t sure what committee you want to be on, you have two choices. 1. Join them all or 2. Ask us, and we will help you decide.

Bryan Bernier, PIIAC CEO

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