Continuous Learning…Skill Agility…Critical Thinking…Learner-Centered – It all starts with creating a Learning Culture where employees are encouraged, supported and motivated to seek learning opportunities. 

This chart from the Association of Talent Development (ATD) provides a solid comparison of Training Culture versus Learning Culture.  Does your agency have a training culture or a learning culture?

With many team members now working remote now or unable to co-locate in the office together, best to schedule focused conversations about “learning plans” with every employee – individually.  Aim to spend 20-30 minutes with each team member to discuss learning, growth and their career.

  • Learning needs to be personalized / individualized
  • Learning exists in many modes – online, e-book, research, virtual webinars, collaborative projects, readings, certificate programs, etc.
  • Learning should be shared.  Encourage teach-backs, best practice recommendations, etc. 
  • Learning should create spark for new ideas and inventions.
  • Learning should create next-role-readiness. 

Learning must be continuous and ongoing. Prior event-driven training does not deliver the return-on-investment in today’s operational settings. 

Plan and start the learning conversations today!

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