Ascend provided CrossFit RRG with a modern point-of-sale checkout experience for premium financing. This improved their insureds’ experience and retention related to non-pay cancellations, consequently saving their team time and money.

About CrossFit RRG

CrossFit RRG is the largest insurer of CrossFit affiliates in the USA. With over 2,500 affiliate members, CrossFit RRG knows the ins and outs of the coverage CrossFit Trainers and Affiliates actually need and want. They promise their customers exceptional customer service, quick response times, and a simple and efficient experience. By using Ascend, they were able to better deliver these qualities for customers when they purchase their coverage.

Past Challenges

In the past, the CrossFit RRG team found their premium financing to be a heavy operational lift and a clunky, confusing experience for customers – payment plans were unclear, customers required back-and-forth communications to clarify and chase payments, and policies were being unintentionally canceled due to non­ pay. They needed an easier, faster checkout experience that could flawlessly integrate into their existing point-of-sales system and provide clear communication to their customers.

After initial conversations, CrossFit RRG integrated Ascend’s payments and premium financing solution into their system in less than a month! Ascend streamlined CrossFit RRG’s workflows by combining quote creation with automated, real time underwriting for premium finance.

Onboarding CrossFit RRG’s team to Ascend was painless –

the dashboard is straightforward, and the support team is extremely responsive whenever questions arise.


Improved customer experience

Customers now have one smooth flow to finance an insurance policy that removes additional forms and clunky processes for digital signatures. For the duration of the policy, Ascend automatically sends payment reminders and autopay is enabled by default to ensure the policy remains in good standing without any effort. What was once a hassle and burden to the CrossFit RRG team and their customers became something they rarely ever have to pay attention to.

High Retention

The integration with Ascend has enabled CrossFit RRG

to increase retention related to non-pay cancellations by 20X. Prior to Ascend, they would process ~20 each month, which required extensive communications and lengthy processes to properly allocate money and restore policies in good standing. After Ascend, which offers autopay and automated communications, CrossFit RRG sees on average, less than l cancellations per month and the renewal process is easier than ever.

Increased Efficiency

Ultimately, Ascend resolved complexities both externally for customers and internally for the CrossFit RRG team. With the improvements for both parties, CrossFit RRG estimates that they are now saving 20 hours per month. These savings and increased customer retention free up time to focus on growing the business and it all came at zero cost.

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