I was flipping through my AARP magazine (shh!), and came across the article “15 Lessons the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Taught Us”. I leafed mindlessly through the pages until I came across Lesson 6: We befriended technology, and there’s no going back”. There are certainly times when “real life” experiences are necessary and enjoyable but there’s also a time and a place for technology. It makes our life easier and at times more efficient. And there’s a big population of people who want to buy insurance digitally! At the very least, the modern consumer wants to be able to research their purchases online before making the phone call. Mark Twain says, “I’m in favor of progress; it’s change I don’t like.” Well, progress is happening, so we must be willing to consider change, one baby step at a time!

Here are 3 digital tools that can revolutionize your agency and they should be your first 3 steps toward a more technology-friendly agency!

1. Social Media

Agency Revolution has a blog about Social Media for the Insurance Agency. They encourage a Social Media presence so that you can better connect with potential clients. Consider these tips and then start small and grow.

  • Determine which social media channel will best connect with your clients.
  • Choose one platform – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Add more as you get more comfortable.
  • Follow and engage your business clients and community leaders.
  • Share new or relevant content from your website.
  • Share posts of your staff and community engagements.
  • Post regularly!

2. An Up-to-Date Functioning Website

Consider that nowadays, digital engagement is just as important as a handshake. In many cases, your website is your first impression. Another way to think of it is, your web presence is an online version of your business’ physical location. Just like you want your customers to have a positive impression in your office or in your presence, you want them to have that same feeling when they visit your website! Here are some important website updates to consider, and if you don’t have a website, WordPress can help you for free.

  • Be sure your page is user-friendly – all the information a prospective client could need should be visible immediately – phone numbers, contact info, and lines of business.
  • Keep your page updated so that contact information is correct, and pictures and relevant business information can be found easily. White space is ok, keep your page clean and professional.
  • Be sure your website is functional. Include answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help educate insurance consumers. Consider sharing a glossary of insurance terms.
  • Ensure speed and usability. Run a test for speed (should load in 2 sec or less). While you’re there, check for mobile-friendliness and broken links. Steve Anderson, Tech guru, has some great information to determine if your website is mobile-friendly. Check out his article.

3. eForms Wizard

eForms Wizard is the perfect addition to a tech-forward agent’s toolbox. If you agree that your time is better spent analyzing information, providing quality advice, and creating solutions for their valued clients, eForms Wizard is for you. The process of securing an insurance policy should be fast, seamless, and mobile friendly — for agents and their customers — and consider the fact that the modern, tech-savvy consumer expects insurers to embrace digital-first, frictionless customer experiences.

Internally, a considerable amount of time and effort is spent on manual transactions like collecting customer data and processing forms. With eForms Wizard, you have access to a full library of fillable ACORD forms and company-unique supplemental applications that you can use to capture data digitally when talking with your prospects or clients in person, by phone, or via a Virtual Visit. This reduces the constant back-and-forth, making the client experience simple, efficient, and relational!

eForms Wizard is:

  • Empowering– Complete information is gathered at the point of sale, making ACORD forms and supplemental applications easier.Time Saving– Enter information once – it flows to Agency, Company-unique and ACORD forms.
  • Reliable– Anywhere, Anytime – no internet service needed.
  • Effective– Customizable “agency specific packages” of forms can be grouped – encourages automatic cross-selling.
  • Education-based– IRMI’s Glossary of Terms integration empowers agents to have the knowledge to answer client questions with confidence.
  • Efficient– Get to market faster by sending completed applications and data quickly, easily, and securely.
  • Streamlined– Quickly add or update ACORD forms and supplemental applications anytime during the client lifecycle.

Technology is not going away so take that first step toward an easier and more profitable agency! If you have any questions, please reach out to our Customer Success Team by emailing info@avyst.com, by calling 877-204-0704, Option 2 Sales/Service/Support or by online chat at AVYST.com.

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