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“Like a good neighbor…”, “You’re in good hands…”, “You can save 15% in 15 minutes.” Each year exclusive and direct carriers spend billions in advertising and branding initiatives vying for a bigger share of the over $550B property/casualty marketplace. It’s been over 15 years since the Big ”I” national association endeavored to combat the marketing efforts of exclusive and direct carriers by creating the Trusted Choice consumer brand with the goal of capturing a greater share of the personal lines marketplace. Today, nearly 75 carriers partner with Trusted Choice to promote the brand and every member is able to take advantage of the resources Trusted Choice offers, including and Agency Nation. This article will highlight some of the latest valuable resources from Trusted Choice that PIIAC members of all sizes can benefit from.

*Digital Review of Websites/Social Media
Ever wonder how your website stacks up? Free of charge the Trusted Choice team will perform a thorough review of your agency’s website, looking at key factors that influence visibility and usability. From search engine optimization (SEO) and blogs, to broken links and website analytics tools, the review will surely be eye-opening for your agency. Request your Free Digital Review Now – Click here.

*Advertising Materials
To promote your agency, members have access to a library of professionally produced and consumer-tested marketing and advertising materials. These are completely customizable and include print ads, direct mail templates, postcards, and television, radio and website ads. Click here to bring your advertising to a new level.

*Marketing Reimbursement Program (Co-op)
As an incentive for members to incorporate the Trusted Choice logo, the Big “I” will reimburse a portion of the expense to co-brand advertising and marketing materials and in creating/updating a digital presence. Specifically, members have the potential to get up to $750 (50% of invoice amount) for advertising collateral material and up to $500 for a digital upgrade (websites, social media, or mobile app) using a web developer or vendor. For more information about the MRP click here.

A turn-key solution for members interested in generating more online customers. Having a digital presence can be daunting and has figured out the recipe for member agent search optimization generating opportunities for both personal and commercial referrals for members that subscribe. The monthly cost is $59 for personal, $89 for commercial, and $128 for both. Call (855)-372-0075 to learn more.

*Sales and Marketing Training
Trusted Choice has created training called “The Power of 30 Seconds” to improve the inbound sales skills of agency staff. Other training includes “Advertising 101” which provides step-by-step instruction for creating an advertising plan. It’s all available by logging into

*Agency Nation
Looking for information on how to improve your agency’s digital marketing efforts? has created which has articles, videos, and podcasts to help member agents connect with new customers and grow their businesses. There is both free and subscription services to marketing and sales education.

*Trusted Choice Disaster Relief Fund
The fund was established to assist agency staff and members of the community who have suffered losses due to natural and man-made disasters. It provides a vehicle for cash grants to help families get back on their feet.  Click here for more information about the Trusted Choice Disaster Relief Fund.

Take some time to review these resources available to your agency and be sure to share this article with staff. From the free marketing resources available from Trusted Choice, to the online referrals of and Agency Nation’s content to help you grow the agency efficiently through digital marketing – I guarantee you will find value.  Please call PIIAC staff with questions – 303.512.0627.

This article was published in the December 2019 edition of Colorado Insurance News (COIN). To view more articles and read the whole COIN, click here.

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