You protect your clients and their businesses, but who protects you and your business?

You do your best to be as knowledgeable as possible about the coverages you recommend to your clients so that you are providing the coverage that is necessary to best cover their interests. As insurance professionals, we would all hope that our colleagues in the industry are not providing advice on coverages in which they know little or nothing about it.

As a consumer of errors and omissions insurance, is it fair to say that you would want to receive guidance on the coverage that best fits your needs by a knowledgeable insurance professional who knows E&O?  Thomas Casella, JD, MBA, SCLA, Senior Risk Management Specialist with Utica National Insurance Group shares have “having a knowledgeable and experienced agent can save you time, money and grief.”

Then, contact PIIAC/Agents Service Corporation for an E&O quote from an agent who is well versed in E&O coverages!

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